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10 January
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"Never want to use a crutch"
12 monkeys, 200 cigarettes, 5000-fingers-of-dr.-t, a fire inside, a life less ordinary, a wrinkle in time, absolutely fabulous, any tim burton film...., balboa park, bang bang you're dead, bjork, brazil the movie, brian molko, bringing out the dead, burn this, caroline in the city, charles chaplin, charlie chaplin, christina ricci, citizen kane, cruel intentions, daniel clowes, davey havok, david bowie, day of the locust, disco bloodbath, donovan, downtown san diego, duran duran, ed wood, eddie izzard, edward d. wood jr., edward scissorhands, eightball comics, eternal sunshine, ewan mcgregor, frankenweenie, ghost world, gilmore girls, gods and monsters, goo goo dolls, gossip girl, harriet the spy, harry potter, heathers, hillcrest, inbal pinto's oyster, j.k. rowling, jack white, james whale, jared padalecki, john malkovich, john rzeznik, john waters, johnny depp, la paloma theatre, labyrinth, little shop of horrors, lolita, lost in translation, m.c. escher, mary reilly, my first mister, nightmare before christmas, oingo boingo, one track mind, p.j. harvey, party monster, perks-of-being-a-wallflower, pete and pete, pickle juice, placebo, planet of the apes, pugs, queer as folk, quills, quiz show, rancid, ravenous, rent, richard o' brian, rocky horror picture show, rocky horror show, rushmore, sledgehammer theatre, sleepers, slums of beverly hills, st. cecilia's playhouse, stand ins the movie, sugarcult, swing kids, tank girl, terry gilliam, the breakfast club, the bride of frankenstein, the forgotten door, the lost boys, the oblongs, the thirteenth floor, the white stripes, the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower, the-red-rider-came-calling, thirteenth floor, tim burton, trainspotting, truman show, velvet goldmine, vincent, vincent price, white stripes, wicked, wild animal park